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By invitation only. Dancers are trained more intensively and are required to take specific classes. The selected girls will need to demonstrate talent, responsibility, and commitment. There is only one company: Company 1.

Requirements for Company:


  • I agree to take the required weekly dance classes in order to participate in The Dance Collective’s Company classes.

  • Company students must exhibit great behavior as an example to all the other students.

  • Company Members agree to be part of the Dance Collective Company from September to June.

  • All absences must be accompanied by an emailed notice beforehand, unless it is an emergency situation.

  • If I decide to join Company for the 2019-2020 year, it is mandatory that I participate in the Summer Camp 2019.



Mandatory classes for Company:


  • Ballet/Pre-Pointe (Combo)

  • Company

  • Contemporary or Jazz

  • Turns, Leaps, and Jumps/Acro (Combo)


  • Musical Theater              

  • Hip Hop

  • Tap

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